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M.A.A.’s VAAM Gallery Artists

McPherson Arts Alliance VAAM Gallery Artists Bio’s and Artwork:

Cozette Christian:
Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.20.45 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.38.27 PM

I was an art major in the early 70’s but didn’t take up oil painting till
the summer of 2012. I took a workshop with Kim Casebeer, a Kansas
landscape artist and began painting almost daily from that point on. I love
being outside painting plein aire. My landscape paintings can be seen at The
Hutchinson Art Center and the McPherson Art Center. I also like painting
still life’s. The loose quick brush stroke is my constant desire. I am not
after exact detail but rather shapes, shadows and color. I have found
painting to be much harder than it looks. There is so much involved. The
concept, the drawing, then mixing the colors and applying the paint makes for
a mental challenge that goes on thru out the painting. Trying to put 3
dimensional objects onto a flat surface keeps me at my easel trying to
paint the world around me.

Susan Shepard:
Susan Potter Shepard is a return McPherson resident, having been raised here then living with her husband and family in the Pacific Northwest for twelve years, returning in 1997. She is has an Art/Ed degree from McPherson College and was once upon a time a student of Elizabeth Liljegren, now a fellow Gallery artist. Susan loves anything to do with color and texture. Her chosen mediums are fibers and jewelry but she dabbles in a lot of other things as well.

More bio’s and work will from our artists will be featured soon!

McPherson Arts Alliance Artists’ work currently on display at VAAM Gallery:

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