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Help McPherson Arts Alliance Secure a Match on Match Day, March 4


Match Day on Wednesday, March 4, holds incredible opportunity for the McPherson Arts Alliance. On that day, McPherson County Community Foundation will match donations made to our endowment fund—our long-term savings—and with your help, we could potentially receive up to $8,000 of the $40,000 match available. Here’s how Match Day works:

  • Come to the event and make a donation.

Date:                    Wednesday, March 4 Time:                   7 am – 6 pm Place:                   McPherson County Community Foundation, 206 S. Main, McPherson

  • Matching funds will be given to our organization based on a proportional basis. For example, if $100,000 is raised and our organization received 10% of the total donations, we will receive $4,000 to use for immediate needs.
  • Minimum donation amount per donor is $25. There is no limit on the amount of funding donors may contribute to the nonprofit organization’s endowed fund.
  • A donor may give to multiple organizations, but only needs to write one check for the total gift. A separate form will be used to indicate which endowment(s) will benefit.
  • Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted. Make checks payable to: MCCF.
  • Organizations with the largest number of donors during designated prize times will be awarded throughout the day. Each winner receives a $1000 grant!

Building our endowment is critical for our future, but we still face monthly expenses. So we still need contributions to our annual campaign. Match Day is a one-time opportunity to dig deeper, to grow our endowment exponentially, so that we can enrich our people and programs for even greater impact. Your gift is vital for helping us maximize the match.

For more details, visit www.mcphersonfoundation.org.

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