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Robin Adkison Art Exhibition

robin adkison                                                                                                                                                                                               McPherson Robin Adkison Art Exhibition at the Opera House Heritage Gallery

 Robin was born in the winter of 1987 and grew up in Mansfield Texas. As a teenager he was fascinated with graffiti and the art that seemed so closely paired with skateboard culture. Later the artists he was most drawn to had roots in graffiti and jobs designing skateboard graphics. In 2003 he was turned on to painting through a fellow artist and friend, Tommy Tessier.

He mostly learned about painting through the imitation of artists he admired and his own personal experimentation. After going through many extreme style changes he began to build a foundation of creative elements and imagery.

Through his work he hopes to fray from the ordinary and excite the part of us that compels adventure and exploration; using texture, space and edge to dissolve lines between landscapes and stylized curves, building settings of galactic nature and dreamscape using saturated color and hard line geometric shapes as avenues for aesthetical oneness.

Robin’s work will be on display through November.

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