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Drawings by Valerie Simonelli will on display in the McPherson Arts Alliance VAAM Gallery during July and August

Valerie Simonelli was born and raised in Rhode Island. Directly out of high school Valerie joined the United States Air Force. After completing her four-year commitment she separated from the service and began her college education in Virginia. She then transferred to Kansas State University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Though she has been away from Rhode Island for over thirteen years, much of her work alludes to her relationship with the “Ocean State.” This series of drawings uses the application and removal of charcoal to allude both to the varied life found in the ocean and simply to water itself.valerie

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McPherson County Student Art Exhibit & Scholarship Show Winners


The McPherson County Student Art Exhibition

and Scholarship Competition was held April 14 –

17 at the Park School Gym.

All McPherson County students, grades 6 through 12

in public schools, private schools or home schooled,

were eligible to participate in the student exhibit.

Work was displayed in 20 categories with ribbons

being awarded for first, second and third place.

Any senior who is planning to study art and attend a

university, college, technical school or art institute in

fall of 2016 was eligible to enter a portfolio display to compete

for scholarship prizes of $1000, $500, and $250.                                                                                         The scholarship show is sponsored by the McPherson Arts Alliance VAAM Gallery.


This year’s 1st place scholarship winner was Allison Rose from Smoky Valley High School.                               The 2nd place scholarship winner was Courtney Huff from Moundridge High School                                                        3rd place scholarship winner was Kaethe Wilson from Smoky Valley High School.

The alternate scholarship winner is Megan Ryan from Inman High School.

Best of Show:

Courtney Huff   Moundridge   Graphite Pencil

Ashley Holler   Moundridge   Batik

Abby Harders   Moundridge   Painting

Mariah Redenbaugh   Elyria Christian   Jewelry

Mandi Handlin   McPherson   Clay

Allison Rose   Smoky Valley   Painting

Kaethe Wilson   Smoky Valley   Watercolor

Megan Ryan   Inman    Photography


The High School winners by category are:

Ceramics (functional):

1st Place:  Julia Wilson   Smoky Valley

2nd Place: Jenna Allen   McPherson

3rd Place: Zaelynn Foth   Moundridge

Honorable Mention: Jenna Allen, McPherson & Hannah Munez, Inman


Ceramics (sculpture, non-functional):

1st Place:   Damion Raney   Inman

2nd Place:  Beck Elliot   Smoky Valley

3rd Place:  Bethany Stucky   Moundridge

Honorable Mention:  Kerri Henne   Smokey Valley

Pencil Drawing:

1st Place: Mattea Black  McPherson

2nd Place: Mattea Black  McPherson

3rd Place: Heather Surface   Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention: Christal Regeher and Daniel Hayden, McPherson



Ink Drawing:

1st Place: Jacob Harris   Inman

2nd Place: Kevin Vivanco   Moundridge

3rd Place: Keaton Case  Inman

Honorable Mention:  Christal Regher, McPherson , Natalie Brown, Smoky Valley and Eli Byington, McPherson


Charcoal & Pastels:

1st Place: Bailey Boldeen    Smoky Valley

2nd Place: Sophie Smith   McPherson

3rd Place: Tabitha Dawes   Inman

Honorable Mention: Jewell Croley, Inman, Baily Bolden, Smoky Valley and Hannah Redger, Elyria Christian.


Pencil, Crayon:

1st Place: Courtney Bashor   Inman

2nd Place: Branden Porter   Moundridge

3rd Place: Payton Truitt   Inman

Honorable Mention: Jed Drek Seeber   Moundridge

Graphic design:

1st Place: Hannah Foster   McPherson

2nd Place: Sophie Smith   McPherson

3rd Place: Gabriel Knechtel   Inman


Jewelry & Metalsmithing

1st Place: Brooke White   McPherson

2nd Place: Mason Dyck   Moundridge

3rd Place: Heather Demaray   Canton-Galva

Honorable Mention: Jared Mines, Nathan Daniel and Rachel Adamyk   Elyria Christian


Mixed Media

1st Place: Alyssa Carlson   Smoky Valley

2nd Place: C.C. Reid   Smoky Valley

3rd Place: Teresea Cooper   Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention: Teresea Cooper, Smoky Valley and Kandace Roehl, Inman


Digital Photography

1st Place: Abbey Rush   Elyria Christian

2nd Place: Courtney Belknap   Inman

3rd Place: Cash Toews   Canton-Galva

Honorable Mention: Taylor Haag, McPherson, Terra Saunders, Canton-Galva, and Abbey Rush, Elyria Christian.


Photoshop Altered Image Photography

1st Place: Courtney Belknap   Inman

2nd Place: Jacob Doerksen   Inman

3rd Place: Macy Hubbard   McPherson



1st place: Jake Taskinen   Smoky Valley

2nd Place: Heather Surface   Smoky Valley

3rd Place: Paige Finley   Moundridge

Honorable Mention: Carold Galletti, McPherson  and Emi Johnson, Smoky Valley.



1st Place: Julia Eidert   McPherson

2nd Place: Beck Elliott   Smoky Valley

3rd Place: Miranda Axelson   McPherson

Honorable Mention: Macye Williams, McPherson, Julia Wilson, Smoky Valley, and Braydon Kremeier, Canton-Galva


Fiber Arts/Textile Design:

1st Place: Heather Surface   Smoky Valley

2nd Place Alyssa Carson   Smoky Valley

3rd Place: Teagan Mulir   Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention: Lori Haith, Smoky Valley.


Opaque Painting:

1st Place: Taytum Lankford   Inman

2nd Place: Tylor Kilborn   Moundridge

3rd Place: Leah Phillips  Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention: Mishael Redenbaugh, Elyria Christian, Leah Phillips, Smokey Valley, Makayla Michael, Inman and Olivia McLain, Inman.


Transparent Painting:

1stPlace: Mason Dyck   Moundridge

2nd Place: Natalie Brown   Smoky Valley

3rd Place:  Paula Ortega   Smoky Valley

Honorable Mention: Kayla Frazier, Moundridge and Jenny Horne, Canton-Galva.


Two Dimensional Design:

1st Place: Kayla Frazer   Moundridge

2nd Place:  Brooke January   Moundridge

3rd Place:  Natalie Brown   Smoky Valley


Three Dimensional Design:

1st Place: Brooke White   McPherson

2nd Place: Halle Giddings   McPherson

3rd Place:  Melea Redenbaugh   Elyria Christian



Middle School winners by category are:

Ceramics (functional):

1st Place: Rachil Harman   Inman

2nd Place:  Corinne Henry   McPherson

3rd Place:  Collin Kohl   Moundridge

Honorable Mention: Hope Schriner, Inman


Ceramics (sculpture):

1st Place: Naomy Aguilar   McPherson

2nd Place:  June Holmes   McPherson

3rd Place: Jacob Koehn   Moundridge


Pencil Drawing:

1st Place: Jane Holmes   McPherson

2nd Place:  Neil Raymond   McPherson

3rs Place:  Adriana Garcia   McPherson

Honorable Mention:  Aiden Forsberg, Kaylie May, Claire Hedlund, Nathalia Salgado, Kyera Green, all from McPherson


Ink Drawing:

1st Place: Isabelle Mogollon   McPherson

2nd Place: Elizabeth Leck   Inman

3rd Place:   Jacie Myers   McPherson

Honorable Mention: Gage Schneider, Inman and Yahaira Banuelos, McPherson

Charcoal, Pastels:

1st Place: Christopher Malaby     McPherson

2nd Place: Bethany Rice    Moundridge

3rd Place: Kaden Jenkins   Moundridge


Colored Pencil, Crayon:

1st Place: Elisa Evans   McPherson

2nd Place:  Demornea Berlonga   McPherson

3rd Place: Harley Ferralez    Moundridge

Honorable Mention: Taylor Engel, Cooper Courtney, Liam Seron, all of McPherson, and Ashtyn Schroeder, Inman.


Graphic Design

1st Place: Claire Hedlund     McPherson

2nd Place: Loren Potter        McPherson

3rd Place: Cooper Courtney   McPherson

Honorable mention: Keeton Lee, Lindsborg


Jewelry & Metalsmithing

1st Place: Helayna Nadar    Lindsborg

2nd Place: Caitlyn Nelson   Elyria Christian

3rd Place: Kendall Brake   Elyria Christian


Mixed Media

1st Place: Helayna Nadar  Lindsborg

2nd Place: Andrew Peters   Lindsborg

3rd Place: Shelby Bontrager  McPherson

Honorable Mention: Claire Hedlund, McPherson


Digital Photography

1st Place: Hannah McGowan   Elyria Christian

2nd Place: Ashton Schroeder   Inman

3rd Place: Elizabeth Leck   Inman

Honorable Mention: Hannah McGowan, Elyria Christian


Photoshop, Altered Image Photography

1st Place: Karik Elliot   Lindsborg

2nd Place: Karik Elliot   Lindsborg

3rd Place: Chancey Kruckenberg   Lindsborg



1st Place: Helayna Nader   Lindsborg

2nd Place: Kase Ptacek   Moundridge

3rd Place: Alexis VanZandt   McPherson

Honorable Mention: Erin Durst and Alea Durst, both from Moundridge



1st Place: Alayna Colwell   Moundridge

2nd Place: Jenika Allenbach   Moundridge

3rd Place: Olivia Morgan   McPherson

Honorable Mention: Hailey Plett and Avante Wade, both from McPherson


Fiber Arts/ Textile Design

1st Place McKinley Johnson   Lindsborg

2nd Place Kort Sjogren   Lindsborg

3rd Place: .Helayna Nadar   Lindsborg

Honorable Mention: Kajsa Peterson   Lindsborg


Opaque Painting:

1st Place:  Ava Brunsell   McPherson

2nd Place:  Joshua Everhart   McPherson

3rd Place: Anthea Richert   Lindsborg

Honorable mention: Ciara Hedlund and Annabelle Plumb, McPherson and Kira Jackson, Moundridge


Transparent Painting

1st Place: Katelyn Huddle   Elyria Christian

2nd Place: Merrick Robertson   Elyria Christian

3rd Place: Niko Torrente   Moundridge

Honorable Mention: Lindzie Archer, Elyria Christian and Matthew Ramey, Inman

Two Dimensional Design

1st Place: Collin Kohl   Moundridge

2nd Place: Perrin Schneider   McPherson

3rd Place: Jacie Myers   McPherson

Honorable Mention: Aaron Green, Moundridge, Dantlie Raney, Inman, Alex henry and Ava Brunsell, McPherson.


Three Dimensional Design:

1st Place: Neill Raymond   McPherson

2nd Place: Sicily Richert   Moundridge

3rd Place: Megan Luloff   McPherson










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Featured Artist Jocelyn Woodson paintings on display in the VAAM Gallery

A native of Hutchinson, artist Jocelyn Woodson has lived from coast to coast . Jocelyn began her artistic journey as a designer of greeting cards and was eventually inspired to extend her unique artistic style to painting on wood. Jocelyn sells her work at shows from New York to Los Angeles. Her work is intuitive, expressive and joyful!

Jocelyn’s paintings will be on exhibit in the McPherson Arts Alliance VAAM Gallery during May and June. Artist’s reception is Sunday, June 12, 2-4pm, in the VAAM Gallery.


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New Exhibit at the VAAM Gallery


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Help the McPherson Arts Alliance Keep the Arts Alive in McPherson!

Help the McPherson Arts Alliance keep the Arts alive in McPherson!
Tomorrow, March 2nd, is Match Day. On Match Day the McPherson County Community Foundation will match donations made to our endowment fund.
Here’s how Match Day works:
Come to the McPherson County Community Foundation, 201 S. Main, tomorrow, March 2nd, anytime from 7am to 6pm to make a donation. The minimum donation is $25. You can also make a donation online at: http://www.mcphersonfoundation.org/donate . If MAA receives the most online donations of $25 or more, we will receive an additional $1000 prize!
Your donations make a huge difference for the McPherson Arts Alliance, helping us to continue to be able to provide education and participation in the arts to McPherson County residents. We couldn’t do it without you!

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On Wednesday, March 2, 2016, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
make a donation online at:
McPherson Community Foundation’s Match Day on Wednesday, March 2,
holds incredible opportunity for McPherson Arts Alliance.
On that day, McPherson County Community Foundation will match donations
made to our endowment fund—our long-term savings—and with your help, we
could potentially receive up to $8,000 of the $40,000 match available.
If MAA receives the most online donations of $25 or more, we will receive an additional $1000 prizeMAA Match Day 2-16-1